TY Activities 2022

February 18, 2022

TY Bray Trip, 17th February 2022

The TY students had a lovely day out and about in Bray. As it is a ways away, the group took the Dart from Clontarf station up and back, students were also permitted to make their own way home as soon as they got off of the train.The certain events they got up to: The Bray hike, having a look around the town and overall having a nice day out in the fresh air. Thankfully the weather held up well as they got up and down the hike with relative ease. As the hike took much less time than the staff and students originally expected, the group had plenty of time to scour the town and sit down to relax and have lunch. Again the rain came in at a perfect time, just as they were heading home.
All in all, the TYs all had a brilliant day out.

Written by Kaleb Fagan, TY

Report: Barista Training, 8th February 2022
Today the TY students completed a 2 hour barista course where they learned how to use a standard coffee machine you would find in a café. First they cleaned out the machine by letting the water run through the machine. Then, they ground up the coffee and let the water run through it to make a shot of espresso. When the coffees were finished they had the choice of drinking them or bringing it down to the staff room to let the teachers in on the training.

Written by Dan Dunne, TY

TY Debating Guest Speaker (MEP Barry Andrews), 4th February 2022

On the 4th of February Irish MEP Barry Andrews came to the school and met with students who are participating in the EU Model Parliament Debate which will take place on the 3rd of March 2022. Barry Andrews spoke with teachers Mr. Whelan and Ms. Farrelly, along with Transition Year students Tomás Boland, Daniel Cassidy, Aaron Conlon, Joseph Connolly and Luke Hedin. Topics discussed relating to the debate included Irish and EU immigration policy along with how Ireland is playing its part in relation to asylum seekers and refugees.

The meeting went very well and the students and teachers found it a pleasure to meet with Mr. Andrews. The students learnt a lot and Mr. Andrews had some great insights.
Overall, the meeting was very informative and ran smoothly.

Written by Joseph Connolly, TY