Recap on Junior Football Teams Journey so far, ahead of tomorrow’s Semi-Final

March 3, 2022

Junior Football Journey (so far)…..

This year’s football team was looking as strong as ever before. Under the management of Mr.Whelan and Mr.Connor and a unique combination of 3rd, 4th and even some 5th year players on the panel, this team was looking frightening and set for an exciting season of football.

Starting in Dublin, Ard Scoil Rís’ fight to progress from the group stages to the knockout stages was most certainly not going to be easy. With a strong and developed St.Aidans team and a younger but skillful St.Fintans team, the Rís knew they would have to perform in each match and to fight for every ball.

First was St.Aidans away on their pitch. The first game of any championship football will always be full of excitement and nerve from both sides, especially when playing some of your mates from your club team. Ard Scoil knew this game was not going to be a walk in the park with a few very skillful and developed players on the team but the Rís were up for the battle. With this being the first match as a team it was always going to be a shaky start with many players still getting used to each other but thanks to the management and the many training sessions before this match it did not take long for the team to click. Going into the second half with only a slim lead, the Rís were not worried about the opposition catching them. Five minutes into the second half, it clicked. Every man on the pitch wanted to be first to the ball and wanted to keep the scoreboard ticking, which they did. With 10 minutes to go and fresh legs coming off the bench, St.Aidans looked defeated before it was over. When the final whistle went, with a score of 5-10 to 2-9 and Ard scoil Rís had won the match both the management and the team were delighted and ready for the next challenge in store with St.Fintans at home.

The week prior to the second U16 football match, the seniors had suffered a loss to St.Fintans senior team at home and we as a team did not want that to repeat itself. With Ard Scoil out for revenge, the team was ready for battle. Although St.Fintans were a strong side and put up a good fight, they were not matched for the quick attacking Ard Scoil Ris side. With a scoreline of 2-19 to 2-10 and an impressive performance by Ard Scoil Rís, the future of this team was looking bright.
After beating both teams and topping the group, Ard Scoil Rís progressed to the knockout stages of Championship Football, one step closer to the final and their sights on a grueling semi-final battle against Coláiste Eóin at the beginning of March. No semi-final is going to be easy, especially not this one but Ard Scoil Ris are ready and are continuing to train and have challenge matches against older and advanced teams to make sure they are ready for battle.


Conor: Cathal, How do you think the football season has gone so far?

Cathal: It has been a very enjoyable season so far. 2 great wins in the group stages against Aidans and Fintans and now onto the semi final. It’s been great training and playing games on the new school pitch and now we have new jerseys for the semi final and a new sponsor in C&T. The coaches have been good and a special mention to the 4 stat men in TY who come out to every match.

Conor: What has been your favourite game of this season so far?

Cathal: My favourite game of this season would have to be the game versus St.Aidans

Written By, Conor O’Brien, TY