Best of Luck ASR 2nd Year Footballers in Final today!

March 25, 2022

Best of luck to the 2nd year football team who are playing their final against Maynooth this morning.

Detailed match report from their semi final played earlier this month below:

Ard Scoil Rís Victorious.

St Fintans: 1-6(9) Ard Scoil Rís: 3-13(22)

Outstanding. Perhaps a vision of what is yet to come for the future Ard Scoil Rís teams. One thing for sure is that these young Ard Scoil Rís men were more than ready for this semi-final battle against rivals who the school has a history of winning and losing against, St.Fintans.

To open a match with a score for your team is always the way you want to start any game, let alone a semi final which is full of both nerves and excitement but the young Ard Scoil Rís men did not show any sign of nerves when they opened the match with 3 points in a row and letting Fintans know they weren’t messing around. With two great scores off the left by Shane Baldwin he showed them they were ready. A very tactical style of football being played and a well worked kickout, Fintans were unmatched. Although Fintans got two scores in a row, a well worked score by midfielder Josh Bracken, started a run of great scores by Ard Scoil Rís and showed them who wants it more. Although the style of play Ard Scoil played was full of hard running and tracking back, the lads were up to the task. A great first half battle by cornerback Andrew Fox made running up and down the wing easy and was very good defensively. Out of the blue, St.Fintans scored a good goal right before half time giving them confidence only being 3 points down going in at half time but Ard Scoil were not worried at all with an uplifting team talk by the coaches Mr.Colgan and Mr.McWeeney.

Starting the second half with a lead of 3, The Rís were hungry for more. Sticking to the usual kickout something was bound to happen and did. With a superb kick out from keeper Finn McDonald finding the midfield line and a good delivery to a rapid forward in Harry Dinnigan he finished off a goal in style. The Rís were looking unstoppable now with their fast moving football and each man looking comfortable in their positions, there was very little chance they were going to lose now but that was no reason to take the foot off the pedal. Corner forward Aidan Benjacar made sure of that when scoring a fantastic goal and a point and was proving to be too fast for his man. WIth fresh legs coming off the bench for Wyatt G-Clarke who played a stormer scoring 4 points, Fintans looked dead and buried. With two minutes to go, the fresh legs of Jeff Suelo were no match for his man and the super sub finished off St.Fintans in style with a rapid fire goal. Final whistle. Ard Scoil were now finalists and with a fantastic Ard Scoil Rís performance all round, they now had their sights set on becoming champions. The Rís are now looking forward to a gruesome battle with Maynooth in the final where it is sure to be a cracking final ahead.

Conor O’Brien, TY