ASR Athletics did a Great Job Representing the School last Tuesday at the East Leinsters in the Phoenix Park

January 27, 2023

This year’s East Leinsters were held in the Phoenix Park at the Papal Cross last Tuesday.

There was terrible wind and rain for the majority of the races and only really died down for the last few races. The course was very flat and had little to no mud despite the rain.

E. O’Brein (32nd) was the first to race, and was the only Ardscoil Rís athlete to race the Junior B. He gave a very brave effort.

The Junior A team finished 8th overall, A. Flynn (8th) led the team with G. Spring (27th), S. Edwards (60th) and E. Joseph (65th) behind.

The Senior race was up next and again we only had one athlete competing, C. Finn narrowly missing qualification finishing 17th.

The Ardscoil Rís Intermediate team finished 8th.

First scorer was A. Benjacar crossing the line in 10th to qualify for the Leinsters, followed by R. O’Donohoe (17th), C. Carbery (61st) and L. Feeley (62nd). A. Merkal Carroll and J. Wright finished 25th and 28th in the Minor Bs.

Finally the Minor A race kicked off and S. McDermott put in an excellent performance to qualify for the Leinsters catching 6th place on line. His teammates C. Swan (22nd), O. Wanger (51st) and D. Cannon (63rd) gave the team 8th place in the end.

Well done to everyone involved.

Report by Lorcan Benjacar