3rd Year PTM

January 24, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your schedule is now available to view on PTM Organiser (see link below). You will need your son’s VsWare ID and the school roll no. (60420L) to view your schedule.

We have tried to accommodate all requests to see teachers but like any in person PTM, it is just not possible to facilitate every parent meeting all their sons’ teachers. If for some reason you cannot attend one or all of the meetings could you please notify the office admin@ardscoilris.com. Likewise if a teacher is absent or unable to attend a particular meeting on the day we will be in touch.

We recommend that you print your schedule and have it to hand on the day. We will send the Zoom links for the meetings on Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the meeting is due to begin.

Thank you.

Log in to PTM Organiser here: https://ptmorg.com/