1st Year PTM

April 4, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians of 1st Year students,

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot hold parent-teacher meetings in the traditional manner. Tomorrow we will be running our Online Parent Teacher Meeting for 1st Years from 16.15 to 18.45 over Zoom. You can access your schedule by logging in again to PTM Organiser. You will need the school roll no. (60420L) and your son’s VsWare ID. You would have used both of these to submit your preferences. We recommend you either print or download your schedule to a separate device, so you can have them to hand this evening. Tomorrow you will be sent the Zoom links about an hour before the meeting is due to start. Shortly before your allocated time simply click the Zoom link for the relevant teacher and the teacher will then admit you. Please note the following protocols in place for the meetings:

1. The Zoom link for the meeting must not be forwarded to any other person/third party.
2. Please ensure that your display name shows the name of your son when you are logging into the meeting so that the teacher knows who you are.
3. The teacher will admit you to the meeting at the assigned time.
4. Each meeting slot is a maximum of five minutes long and teachers must strictly end the meeting before then. This is to ensure that all parents have an opportunity to speak to the teacher.
5. Please be aware that your meeting will be one of a series of meetings that the teacher will have scheduled with parents that day and that adherence to the timeframe is crucial.
6. We would request that your camera is switched on to facilitate better interaction with the teacher.
7. This is a professional conversation between the teacher and the parent. If the meeting was to take place in person under ordinary circumstances, the student would not be present. We ask that you follow this model and that the student is not present for the meeting.
8. Recording, saving or capturing any audio, video, or any other data/information or image during the meeting is strictly not permitted.
9. To safeguard the privacy of the meeting, an appropriate space at home should be used. Normal dignity and respect principles and practices must be adhered to by all.

Should you have any questions before then please contact the school office admin@ardscoilris.com.